Olivia Johanson

Stylist . Makeup Artist
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Where are you from?

Napa, Ca

Why did you become a Hair Dresser?

I chose to become a hair dresser because it was something I have always had a passion for, and have loved doing. I made this decision based off of wanting to live a life serving others, and bringing out the beauty that is within each individual.

What is your greatest accomplishment in this industry?

My greatest accomplishment thus far in this industry was getting set out to Lompoc ( Kelly's hometown) to do hair for a girls prom. It was the most rewarding feeling to see how excited she was to have someone travel 4 hours just to do her hair and makeup for her special day!

Random or weird facts about yourself

I've climbed the worlds 7th tallest mountain, I graduated high school with a 4.33 GPA, I love to travel, and I have a weird obsession with watching National Geographic









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