Kelsey Fenner

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Where are you from?

Las Vegas, Nevada

Why did you become a Hair Dresser?

I want to inspire, bring confidence, and beautify the soul! It's more than getting a good service. It's a therapy session, a good laugh, a stress reliever, and a time where guests can take in something magical. It's such a rewarding career!

What is your greatest accomplishment in this industry?

The greatest one in my eyes and in my heart are the times I see our new stylists grow into incredible artists! Knowing that we educated them the very best we could and helping them through all the struggles when you first start.

Random or weird fact about yourself.

It's not very weird because apparently it's the cool thing now days.. But I'm a total CAT LADY. I am absolutely obsessed with my cat Winston. I treat him like he's my child and spoil him rotten!









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