Signature shears

the most complete scissor system



The Kelly Cardenas Scissor System was designed with one focus in mind – make hairdressers more efficient and successful. Our system was designed for hairdressers by hairdressers. We have taken into account comfort, functionality, and performance. All while considering your return on investment.


  • All scissors are handcrafted Japanese 440c steel.
  • All scissors are designed with the same handle to reduce fatigue and enhance comfort.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE- All scissors are unconditionally guaranteed against defects for the LIFETIME of the scissor. (Dropping is not considered a defect).

The System


40-tooth 20% texturizer: Designed to blur any line that exists. The 20’s are one of the smoothest scissors in the industry, and are a must-have for all hairdressers.


50% texturizer: For the hairdresser in all of us. This scissor is designed to create pockets in the hair for maximum texture in styles that are in need. The creative side of all of us will finally be satisfied.


25-tooth 70% texturizer: This is a “hybrid” texturizer that is designed for cutting a slightly serrated edge; achievingthe lived-in, “non-haircut” feel on the first day. This is a truly revolutionary scissor and will prove to be one of the greatest tools you ever own.


6 1/2 inch straight scissors for a laser edge, as well as dry cutting and detailing capabilities.