Bradley Dunn – Reservations Director

Your “aha” moment:
The first time I hung out at the salon I realized how positive and great the team was which immediately caught my attention. It inspired me to move to Vegas and it changed my life forever.

Your training:
I joined the team September 1st, 2010 and was trained by the Salon Coordinator and Director of Chicago which in my opinion is the best training I could of had. I’m not a hair stylist and didn’t go to school for it but I attend the school of Kelly Cardenas everyday!

Style preference:
I like the clean cut look

Beauty must have:
I’d have to say I need my Shaping Cream and Bling.

My mentors:
There are a lot of people I look to for advice but, Kelly Cardenas, my Pops and my sister Brooklyn are my mentors.

Best advice I’ve ever got:
If you’re going to do something be in 100%.

Greatest Accomplishments:
I used to be terrified of public speaking and working with the salon there’s no way around it so I’ve been able to overcome that fear. Next step:
I would love to own a couple of my own salons around the country and travel between them educating.