Nightlife Veteran Marc Jay Speaks About his Salons

Review Journal
Robin Leach
July 7, 2017


It’s that time of the year again when Robin takes off for his monthlong family trip to Europe. Today, (July 6) he’s exploring the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, and then at the weekend he’ll wind up as usual in Italy exploring the delights of Tuscany.

In his absence, a great number of showbiz entertainers, celebrity VIPs, chefs, restaurateurs and Vegas dignitaries have stepped forward to write their guest columns.

Today (July 6), we welcome nightlife guru Marc Jay who has seen the Las Vegas scene change throughout the years.

He’s been the man behind countless parties for well over two decades, After working in nightlife in London, Ibiza, Madrid and then coming to Vegas, he’s learned that no matter the location, it’s all about creating memorable and enjoyable experiences for guests, Marc is the co-owner of the Kelly Cardenas salons on Fort Apache Road and in the Hard Rock Hotel, which is a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon.

The party never stops for nightlife veteran Marc Jay

“Over-the-top” is the foundation Las Vegas is built on, and during the course of my career I’ve had the privilege to work on some of the greatest events this city has come to see. However, nothing can compare to the feat it has been to stepping foot into the beauty industry and opening world-class salons across the country.

My interest began when I first met celebrity stylist Kelly Cardenas. After moving into Mandalay Bay in 2000 to work on a project, I would visit Kelly at the salon he was running at the time to get my haircut. With countless hours of haircuts and conversations, I asked Kelly if he ever considered opening his own salon on the Strip. Although hesitant at first, in the past year we were able to turn that casual conversation into reality.

With salons across the country in Chicago, Carlsbad, Salt Lake City, and two in Vegas, I’m continuously amazed by the feeling I get when I see clients come in and leave looking and feeling better. There is something spiritual and uplifting knowing that our work made someone else’s day.

I truly believe that our there is nothing like our salons. The team works tirelessly to create a A-list experience for each and every guest, but without the ego. As soon as guests check in with the receptionist, the staff takes them on a tour of the salon to get them acquainted with the space; leads them to a private room to slip into a robe; until finally they meet their stylist for a personalized consultation.

When a guest walks into any of our salons I want them to not just get a great cut and style, but also receive a full-service experience. Anyone can open a salon and cut hair, but what makes us stand out is that we go above and beyond.

We offer our guests a complimentary concierge service should they need to arrange transportation, book show tickets, dinner reservations, or anything else they might need during the course of their visit. No matter how big or strange the request is, we pride ourselves on making things happen for our guests.

I’ve also been able to create other amazing experiences like our Shampoo Champagne Sundays, which features a sounds by a live DJ, free champagne, and an atmosphere for people to wind down and relax.

Merging nightlife and beauty

With looks and style at the forefront of every Vegas industry person’s mind, melding together nightlife and beauty has been seamless. With most people working more than 50 hours a week, they all spend a little extra to make themselves look and feel great.

Our success has been in large part to our ability to not only follow trends, but to create them. That is what has kept our cult-like fans continue to return to our salons. Our clients know that no matter what salon they go to, they will receive a consistent experience.

As I turn to the future, I hope to continue to revolutionize the standards of beauty by incorporating more of the Vegas party and bringing it to cities around the world. And who knows, maybe in the next few years I’ll pick up a pair of scissors and learn a thing or two?

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