Las Vegas Celebrity Hairstylists on Hair Tips for 2017

Vegas Magazine
Paul Zahn
January 6, 2017

Kelly Cardenas and Michael Boychuck know a thing or two about hair. Cardenas recently opened a new salon at the Hard Rock Hotel and has cut the manes of local A-listers, while celebrity colorist Michael Boychuck's roster of clients includes Lady Gaga, Fergie, and Jennifer Lopez. The two took time to reveal the best hair tips and trends for the New Year.

What is the biggest hair trend for 2017? MICHAEL BOYCHUCK: 2017 is all about getting back to basics. I predict 2017 to involve more muted and cooler tones. Rather than bright, vibrant colors, we’ll see steel gray, gold yellows, and copper tones in place of the fire engine reds. 2016 was all about celebrating individualism; being bold and standing out and hairstyles directly reflected that attitude. I think 2017 is a year where we will still celebrate those things, just with a more minimalist mindset. KELLY CARDENAS: 2017 is the year to take chances and try something new! Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and experiment with your hair. If you are dressing up for a special occasion try doing a glitter root. It’s unique and something that everyone will be talking about. For an everyday style, shaggy bangs and loose curls with texture is the trend to keep your eye on. 

What is a must have hair item for 2017?MB: I can’t wait for our signature Boychuck hair care line to be available because I truly believe they will be game changers. Until then, investing in a leave-in conditioner is a must, especially if you are local to Las Vegas and familiar with our dry climate. Also, working with professional hair care products and tools will always leave you with that fresh-from-the-salon look and medium barrel curling irons are a popular item this year for achieving a sultry, wavy, and voluminous look worn easily from day to night.KC: A 3-in-1 curling iron is a must for the New Year for easy versatility in styling. 

What is your biggest tip for maintaining the perfect mane in Las Vegas with the climate?MB: Avoid over washing your hair, especially if it is color treated in any way. Giving the hair a break from shampoo allows the natural proteins and oils to coat the strands and keep them strong and resistant to breakage. Also, choose a product that protects against the sun and the heat and contains SPF and allow it to act as a barrier against our harsh Las Vegas weather.KC: Use a heavier conditioner for more moisture and a dry wash shampoo. 

What is one hair DON’T for 2017?MB: Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you see a color or style you like, don’t hold back from asking your stylist if it’s right for you. Don’t hesitate to make that change in 2017.KC: Aggressive ombre. 

Who is one Las Vegas personality you would love to style that you haven’t already? MB: We’d love to host Mariah Carey during her time here on The Strip. KC: Elaine Wynn. She’s the queen of Las Vegas and is president of the board of education in Nevada.