DJ Bree Cohen Rocking Hair and Makeup from Kelly Cardenas Salon

Vegas Magazine
October 1, 2010
Don’t let the nails fool you; the lady can spin. “Everyone always asks how the hell I DJ with them,” says Bree Cohen, aka DJ 88, whose fingernails border on ridiculously long.

 “It’s the Dolly Parton answer: I’m just used to it.” Cohen’s also used to turning heads. A tall, rocker knockout with a shiny dark bob, armloads of tattoos and sex-i-fied ensembles, Cohen has been on the Las Vegas music scene for the last four years, having moved here from her hometown of Hollywood, California, five years ago. Music’s one of her primary loves—although she’s also got a thing for shoes, chunky jewelry and skintight leather—and for almost a decade Cohen has been letting DJ 88 loose on some of the hippest parties in the Western US. “I pride myself on being versatile. That to me is what defines a solid DJ; it’s all about the song selection and how you put them together.”

The same can be said of her look. She sports outfits that aren’t exactly soft and feminine, but rather cutting edge and haute couture homegirl, with a little “don’t mess with me, buddy” thrown in. Apropos, since the competitive DJ world is easily a multimillion-dollar business in Las Vegas and Cohen is one of the few women making a name for herself, notably at her weekly residency, Snitch, Wednesday nights at the Palms. “It really comes down to committing to constantly reinventing yourself, whatever your personal style. It’s good for the soul, and it keeps you young.”

My Go-To Pieces: “Curve camisoles, which I wear under almost everything; they’re fantastic and make me feel beautiful. Also, my black Funk Essentials tailored blazer, my Metal Deco Argento Miu Miu T-strap heels, my Bronze snakeskin boots and my two-finger Zoe Chicco diamond ring.”

My Nails: “I’ve had over-the-top nails since high school. It’s always been my signature thing. In Vegas, I live by Wild Orchid Nails & Spa, where Sindy, the owner, does my nails. I have a vision and she makes it happen. Money, snakeskin, feathers, metallic gold talons, I’ve done it all.”

My Loves: “Music and animals. Next to my gorgeous daughter, Jaxon, who’s almost two, of course. I also have three rescue pit bulls, and I campaign quite vigorously to educate people on just how incredibly loyal and gentle the breed is naturally.”

My Charity: “Sunday in the Valley is a charity event I created. It’s a shopping-inspired fundraiser that helps animal adoption and rescue awareness.”

My Treasures: “My Tiffany & Co. chain necklace that carries my parents’ wedding ring, a gold-diamond nameplate and two vintage gun triggers; my BlackBerry Bold; my iPod Touch; my record collection; my Gucci monogram vinyl blue and gray handbag; and two paintings I did, one of Kate Moss and the other of Biggie Smalls.”

My Style Guru: “My best friend, Nevena, is probably the most stylish girl I know. She owns Curve boutique (in LA, South Beach and New York’s Soho); my favorite, period. Also, my mother always encouraged my self-expression. I credit her for my fashion sense.”

My Personal Style: “I’ve always been a chameleon.”

My Hobbies: “I’m a closet artist. I haven’t painted in a few years because I’ve been so focused on DJing, but I plan on picking it back up. I’m actually quite Martha Stewart-ee, believe it or not. I cook quite often and have monthly dinner parties.”

My Fragrance: “Kai. Barneys New York carries it. I use the oil. It’s travel-friendly; I don’t leave home without it.”