Matthew Scanlon – Stylist

What was it that drew you to this industry?
I was drawn to this industry by my love for design, fashion and architecture. My passion for them is what inspires all the different shapes and colors I use on the different fabrics of hair each day.

What is your favorite part about the industry?
My favorite part about the industry has to be the difference I feel that I’m making in providing a service that makes a person fall in love with their hair all over again which they’ve had all along and making that time that a guest is in my chair making the experience all about them.

What made you want to work for this company?
The progression and direction that I saw in Kelly’s company and in his career are the two biggest aspects that made me gravitate towards this company. Because of the progressive mentality within the company, I knew that if I were a part of it, I would undoubtedly progress towards what I thought were my goals but have now realized that they’re not just mine, they’re the company’s.