“When you walk through the doors you are greeted by the man himself, so welcoming and eager to hear your story. Eager in the sense that it justifies the way he wants to revolutionize the industry; believing that your circumstances have little to do with your success. His academy was eye opening in so many ways. So inspiring and proving that ‘smarter not harder’ actually exists. It got me thinking that maybe it was my guests that were a little harder. Kelly even changed that outlook by saying “Make love to your guest.” By making love you spread love. Something Kelly Believes in as well. Spreading love to everyone you come in contact with, creating a domino effect and maybe one day changing the world. Although, he would call it “Planting your seeds.” Kelly was so encouraging during the time, and for that I am forever grateful. Regardless of where my career takes me, you better believe that “Set! Reset! Hit! Hit! Hit!” will be positively haunting me during my men’s cuts. Along with Diana’s “1,1,2,1,3,1” during my round brush. Let us not forget Taya and Eli’s ‘Rock with it waves’. Even though Matt and Christian don’t speak much, their talent speaks alone. Kelly has a team that prides themselves on being humble. A trait everyone of them posses. I will apply what I learned through every aspect possible. Including watching the seeds I plant. I feel as though this article does not even start to do justice on the experience. As Kelly encouraged us, I want to encourage you to take his academy and only hope you will come out of it with at least inspiration and humble pride.”-Taylor King

Upcoming Events

The Kelly & Brooklyn Cardenas Academy is a one day event in which Kelly, Brooklyn and their team will cover Blonding (Balayage), Braiding, and Business of Balance. With each academy we go over different looks and techniques providing a seamless way to make your job as a hairdresser easier. The academies are designed to apply to any type of experience of hairdresser, all the way from students to salon owners, the education is built to be universal and to help anyone in the industry.

“Education is the most powerful weapon in which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela