Kelly Cardenas

Kelly Cardenas has been a National educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems for 19 years. 10 years working alongside, opening and directing salons for the Global Artistic Director of Paul Mitchell, and has given a unique perspective of elite service in the professional beauty industry.

Kelly Cardenas is taking it upon himself and his team to give the hair industry a complete make over. From his work in his salons to his ever expanding educational work both in the US and overseas, he is infusing the industry with excitement and professionalism. His recent expeditions to Chicago, Nashville, San Diego, and Germany have the top industry professionals buzzing about the mark Kelly Cardenas is making on industry. Kelly’s rock-star status has definitely culminated over the past few years since opening his flagship salon in Las Vegas. With his sights set on opening another 100+ salons in the next 10 years, his legions of fans including John Paul Dejoria, owner of Paul Mitchell, are incredibly excited. Kelly sees the industry as his blank canvas and the industry professionals are excited for the masterpiece he’ll create.